Industrial Terminals

Industrial Terminals, Operations Center and Truck Processing Center


Developed by Intermarine, Industrial Terminals is the busiest project cargo port in the United States.


Centered on a 95-acre stretch of waterfront adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel, it is designed to provide maximum flexibility for handling project and breakbulk cargoes to multiple trade lanes. Here, industry professionals follow Intermarine’s strong HSE commitment in managing voyages and cargoes to ensure safe and timely deliveries. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Industrial Terminals offers full-service shipping and cargo transport through a comprehensive infrastructure and experienced personnel.

As our Houston load center, Industrial Terminals integrates multiple deep water berths specifically designed for heavylift cargo with more than 80 acres of cargo marshaling capacity. Direct rail and truck access alongside ship berths and a barge terminal with rail support are provided. We also ensure easy access for over dimensional cargoes. All told, our onsite integrated command center coordinates more than 20,000 tons of cargo per week.

Since customer satisfaction is our priority, we offer service advantages such as ITEX Express truck delivery and IPack export packing options that help customers reduce costs by providing direct delivery of cargo with on site packing at the terminal. Whatever expertise you require, we are committed to providing hands-on service that is second to none through our highly qualified technical, operations and management staff, assuring your cargo is safeguarded at every stage of the transport process.


Intermarine is very proud to offer our valued clients a close-up look at project cargo shipping from a controlled overlook within our Operations Center.

Just steps from the Houston Ship Channel, the Intermarine Operations Center is a state-of-the-art building that was designed to allow our customers to see how their cargoes flow through the terminal and onto the vessel.

There is an unobstructed view of terminal activity from the specially designed Customer Center. Weather permitting, the building also has a rooftop terrace providing a bird’s eye view of the activity. Within the facility Intermarine can provide detailed presentations on various aspects of project shipping, and conversations with Port Captains and technical managers on how the operations are planned and managed. To visit Intermarine’s Operations Center, please contact your sales representative or call us at +1 800 229 8701.

ITERM Packing Services

Located at Industrial Terminals, iPack operates as a full-scale packaging service that prepares cargoes for ocean transit. We provide peace of mind at a competitive price by properly protecting your cargo during the multilayered process of breakbulk shipping.

The ITERM Packing Advantage:
• Ability to receive cargo via rail, truck or vessel.
• Marginal rail serving first-class carriers via Port Terminal Rail Association.
• Substantial acreage for large project cargo accumulation.
• Linked processes with terminal operations and freight handlers, easing consolidation on multiple cargoes.
• Full box shop on site facilitating work in situ – potentially reducing drayage costs.
• Greater flexibility for solving last minute problems or repairs before cargoes are loaded.

Ocean Transportation Packing Expertise:
• ISPM15 compliant, in good standing with the American Lumber Standard Committee.
• Complete range of solutions including: heat wrapping, crating, moisture prevention, bundling, marking, etc.
• Hood boxing – custom design and construction for any oversize and out of gauge cargo.
• Material receiving from multiple vendors and item checking.
• Accurate packing lists and overage, shortage and discrepancy reports.
• Administrative capability to work with clients’ reporting and online systems.

Proven Experience with a Wide Range of Cargoes:
IPACK has proven experience working with multiple companies and diversified projects including:

• Cerro Verde Project (Fluor): 2,000+ truckloads of structural steel bundled, crated, and marked; and shipped out over a years’ time across several shipments.
• Two years accumulation of special coated structural steel.
• Reficar Project (deugro): Structural steel, oil refinery equipment, and more than 60 large electrical buildings that were blocked, braced, moisture sealed, and heat wrapped.


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The Truck Processing Center expedites the receiving of cargo and allows for expanded lay down areas at Industrial Terminals.

The Center is located approximately three miles from Industrial Terminals along Federal Road in Houston, Texas. This location is situated on a six-acre tract and serves as the main route for all terminal delivery trucks.

Center Features:
• Contains five acres of paved processing and parking area
• Can handle anticipated traffic of up to 1,000 trucks per week
• Transaction activity takes place at two kiosks in the middle of the property
• Ample space for trucks waiting for kiosks
• Ample parking space for trucks that experience documentation problems

Drive-up kiosks manned by receiving clerks are located at the center to handle the check-in and document processing of all general breakbulk trucks (excluding permit loads) making delivery to the terminal. Simply put, the truck processing center acts as a drive-thru bank teller; eliminating the need to leave your vehicle and expediting overall transaction times. Clerical processing of the delivery order is input while a truck is on its way to the ocean terminal. By the time the truck arrives at Industrial Terminals a print out of the completed delivery order is readily available.

Receiving Kiosk Process:

  1. Truck drivers hand their documentation to receiving clerk directly from cab
  2. Clerk performs cursory  verification of the delivery
  3. Clerk ensures driver is destined to iTerm, has a TWIC card, and complete paperwork
  4. Clerk checks that cargo appears to be what is declared
  5. Clerk scans documentation into GSM system for full processing
  6. If documentation is in good order, Kiosk receiving clerk will issue driver an appropriate gate pass for entry into one of iTerm’s receiving yards. Truck will not have to wait for data entry into GSM receiving system
  7. The Traffic Management Office at the Federal Road facility will process documents while truck is in transit to Industrial Terminals
  8. If there is an issue with the delivery or its paperwork, the truck will park next to the Traffic Management office and deal directly with receiving personnel in the Traffic Management Office

Intermarine Commercial Services:

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