Technical Services

Technical Services

Creative Technical Solutions to Meet Client Demands

Intermarine delivers operational excellence, technical expertise, equipment availability and cargo delivery in time and security sensitive environments.

Intermarine’s in-house Technical Services department provides creative technical and Port Captain solutions to assist clients with customized stowage, lifting, and securing arrangements for all cargo types. The department is staffed with Master Mariners, Naval Architects, Former Vessel Captains and Structural Engineers whose combined experience totals more than a century. For more than 25 years Intermarine’s technical department has provided creative technical solutions to meet client demands and we provide 24-hour supervision of all cargo operations.

Customized Method Statements

Our method statement comprises of a step-by-step loading/discharging procedure, stowage, lifting & securing plans with supporting calculations. This procedure ensures that your cargo is loaded safely and efficiently. Additionally, Intermarine’s HSE and QA programs provide the assurance that your cargo will be moved safely and according to plan.

Port Captain Services

Our highly experienced Port Captains evaluate and execute the stowage and handling of cargoes worldwide. Once loading is complete, a full report is drafted to include a final stowage plan, detailed discharge instructions & photographs of the entire operation. These reports aid in the reduction of time at discharge port and risk of damage to cargo.

Drawing Software and 3D Modeling

Intermarine uses state-of-the-art software for optimal cargo planning. We offer in-house Finite Element Analysis, AutoCAD and 3D animation when managing the most complex and challenging cargoes for our customers.

Intermarine Commercial Services:

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