ISO 9001-2008

ISO 9001-2008



Intermarine believes that quality in services is vital to achieving client satisfaction. The management of Intermarine recognizes that quality depends on attitudes, just as much as procedures, and seeks to instill the best in both. For this reason, Intermarine places much emphasis on quality management and the day to day management of the quality system.

The quality management system at Intermarine was developed as an evolutionary process. The current quality program is backed by practical experience acquired in operating to statutory regulations such as the Code of Federal Regulations, International Maritime Organization, International Organization for Standards (ISO 9001:2008) and client requirements. In June of 1991, Intermarine established a Total Quality Management Program. All employees old and new are trained in the Total Quality Process. Quality Action Teams were established to address continuous improvement in all areas of Intermarine’s service.

Through the Quality Action Teams and outside consulting, the management system was reviewed against the ISO 9001:2000 requirements. A plan for ISO implementation was commenced and Lloyd’s Quality Register awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification to Intermarine in mid 1998.

Since its inception, Intermarine’s ISO program has been monitored regularly through both internal and external audits, and the program has been consistently approved and recertified. In 2009, Intermarine upgraded its ISO program to the most recent and highest standard, reflecting Intermarine’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Our plans for continuous improvement do not stop with ISO certification. We have internal Quality Audit Teams that review Intermarine’s complete system on a scheduled basis. These internal audits review procedures and corrective actions for compliance and effectiveness. Intermarine’s clients are the most important part of our business. Therefore, any complaint received by Intermarine is investigated fully and corrective actions are taken to prevent their recurrence. All audits, client complaints, and corrective and preventive actions are reviewed by Intermarine’s Executive Steering Committee, which is comprised of the President, all Vice Presidents, Quality Assurance Manager and the Controller.

Through this program, Intermarine is setting new standards for quality in ocean transportation and ensuring that we deliver more than promises.